10 Things Keeping You From Building Wealth

You’re smart, you work hard, and yet, you’re not wealthy.
So, what’s wrong?

There are a few reasons why the concept of building and attaining wealth seem like a far off dream. If you think it starts with having a bigger paycheck, there’s your first mistake. Building wealth doesn’t start with more money, it begins with changing how you think. Your thoughts and habits will then influence your actions, and wealth will fall into place much easier.  

So, what are you doing or thinking now
that’s keeping you from building wealth?


1. You’re not committed

Like anything in life, when you decide you want something, you have to commit to it. Building wealth means you have to change in many ways, and that presents a challenge for a lot of people. Don’t fight these changes, commit to your vision, and persevere through that feeling of discomfort.


2. You spend more than you earn

If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, you’re not building wealth. If you’re spending frivolously, you’re clearly not building wealth. If you’re putting money under a mattress, you’re on the right path, but then you’re still not making the money work for you. Spend less than you earn and invest.


3. You work hard instead of working smart

You could be working 16-hour days and bringing home a decent paycheck that covers a comfortable life. But, are your 16 hour days wasting your talents? Are you delegating work to others so that you can concentrate on your talents? Are you making enough for the amount of effort you’re giving? If you answered no to these questions, you’re not building wealth. Hire or delegate talented people to take care of the menial work that is keeping you from investing your talents in areas that require it.


4. You don’t know where your next paycheck is coming from

You need a plan — short term and long term — that will anticipate your income much farther down the line than your very next paycheck. Take action to invest in yourself long term.


5. You’re not following your passion

Are you happy in your current line of work? Are you living the life you always imagined? Are you following your passion? Part of building wealth is enjoying your life with ease. You can’t experience a life of ease if you’re constantly fighting to work through the job you hate.


6. You believe that you have nothing to do with your situation

Accountability is the breakfast of champions. If you think that everyone is out to get you or that someone/something else is at fault for your situation, you will never build wealth. Take responsibility for your actions, your situation, and your vision.


7. You’re stretching your focus.

Trying to be amazing at everything is certainly ambitious, but a far fetched plan. Concentrate on your talents. Focus on what you can best deliver and work on that. Your ability to find a meaningful niche in your industry will provide a much bigger return than attempting to do it all.


8. You’re trying to achieve one big goal instead of little goals

If your goal is to make x amount of money or own a company one day, that’s great. But that can’t be the only goal you have — it will be difficult to figure out how to reach that. Chunk down your big goals into little ones so that you can attain the next step easier and quicker. First goal could be to invest in learning more about your industry, hire a coach, or invest in marketing.


9. You think you know everything

This belief will be the death of your growth. You must always keep learning and maintain a hunger for discovery. It will reflect in your income.


10. You have one stream of income

If you’re living on one paycheck based on a certain amount of time you put in, you’re far from building wealth. Find ways to attain passive income, so you don’t have to work for every single paycheck. Investing in real estate is a great start!

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