10 Daily Habits For A Happy, Healthier, And Wealthier Life

In Wealth Can’t Wait, David Osborn and I talk about the 7 Habits to build wealth. They are big picture thought habits you can change and actions you can take to kickstart your path to wealth.

These habits are:

  1. Live your life by design

  2. Make business decisions based on solid fundamentals

  3. Stick with what you know and drill deep

  4. Earn more by learning more

  5. Chuck down big goals and add accountability

  6. Spend less than you earn and invest your leftover cash

  7. Let go of the small stuff

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You can implement all of these habits into your life right away. But what about the day-to-day routine? To achieve the 7 habits of building wealth, let’s chunk big goals down to small, daily patterns that will motivate a wealth building life.

  1. Wake up early: Instead of waking up and rushing off to the office or your first meeting of the day, wake up and give yourself time to reflect, refresh and re-energize. The more time in the day you have for yourself and your endeavors, the more time you have to enjoy the success.


  2. Complete the hardest task first: Once you climb the mountain, all of the smaller hills will be much easier and finished much quicker. Once the difficult task is over, you can actually concentrate on the smaller tasks with ease.


  3. Find balance: Create and restore balance in every aspect of your life. Balance time with your loved ones and time alone, time with business partners and time with employees, time on technology and time away from it. Meditating gives you an abundance of balance within your mind and your body, and in turn, a harmonious professional and personal life.


  4. Minimalize:  In order to create abundance, you need to make room for it, first. Find habits in your life that are hindering your progress. Are you spending too much time on social media? Binging on Netflix? Eating junk food? Also, look at the things you spend your money on and cut back so that you can save more than you spend. Then take a look at the people around you. Are there people in your life who aren’t supporting your efforts? Time to minimize the negativity.


  5. Affirm: Visualize your goals; repeat and confirm their presence in the right now. “I am healthy and happy,” “I have abundance in my life,” “My business is exponentially growing,” “I have healthy relationships.” What do you want in your life? Affirm it and attain it.


  6. Exercise: It doesn’t have to be at 5 in the morning, but find time in your day to have a well-rounded session. Not only will you have a healthier body, your mind will thank you, too.


  7. Read: If you learn more, you earn more! Take time out of your day to read a book, an article, something that will broaden your perspective, open your mind, and build your knowledge.


  8. Walk more: Starting an exercise routine can be daunting for some, so if you want to take baby steps — and even if you exercise regularly — start walking more. You can do this by parking farther away, or walking to the local shops instead of getting in your car at all. You can take a walk around the neighborhood during a phone call, or have a walking meeting at work.


  9. Think positive - Take stock of the thoughts that run around in your mind throughout the day. When you come across negativity in your head, find the positive spin and replace that thought. Soon you won’t have to think so hard to see the bright side. You’ll start to feel the difference in your mood... and in your results.  


  10. Plan: Determine your priorities and plan your day out the night before. Also plan your week out at the beginning of the week. Writing something down has a higher chance of action than just thinking about it.

To read more about creating wealth building actions and thought habits, read Wealth Can’t Wait available everywhere books are sold!

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