Who Is Your Harshest Judge?

Throughout your life, you encounter judgement. Parents, siblings, friends, peers, bosses, coaches, the list goes on. But whose opinion of you is the culprit to your self-esteem, to your perceived lack of success? Who is ultimately your harshest judge?


You judge yourself harsher than anyone else. And your fear of judgement from others is just as impactful. This fear can be suffocating, oppressive, and incapacitating. But, the good news is that those thoughts, opinions, and judgements that everybody else has of you are all in your head. Those judgements you have for yourself are a false thought in your mind.


“You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt


We all learned at a young age that it doesn’t matter what others think. We sometimes forget this as we grow older. We fail to remember that others’ negative opinions are just a reflection of how they judge themselves.


It’s time to stop judging yourself. The only reason you can’t do something is because you’ve told yourself you can’t. And it’s also time to forget that others judge you. More specifically, what you think everyone is judging about you.


Instead of thinking, “I’ll never be able to achieve x  because of this shortfall or because that person told me I couldn’t, so I’m going to quit,” think, “I’m going to find a way to achieve x, no matter what.” All of those reasons that you come up with in your head why you can’t are just excuses.


You are the creator of you future,
and your judgments are the destroyer.


Those insidious and deceitful thoughts about your supposed inability to create success and build wealth are weighing you down, and they’re unwarranted no matter how much evidence you think you have to back it up.


Those thoughts are a fabrication that your mind has concocted to make you feel comfortable with mediocrity, complacent with a wealth-less life and free from fear of what could happen. But what you should really fear, is not taking a risk, not pursuing your passion, not enjoying a life of freedom. Not doing anything gives you zero experience and zero possibility to create success.


You are capable of anything.
You should only feel comfortable with attaining your ultimate vision.


You can start with daily affirmations:

I have abundance.

I am valuable.

I can build wealth.

I have the ability to become successful.


Who cares what everyone else thinks? Who cares what that person in the mirror is judging you about?

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