Why You Should Never Sacrifice

You’ve heard it before, that one word that creeps up when you’re figuring out what to do in order to seek happiness, enjoy freedom, and attain your goals:



But should you? When you really think about what freedom and happiness are. Having to make sacrifices contradicts that.


Why should you sacrifice to achieve your goal of building wealth? Why should you stop doing what you love, doing what makes you happy, doing what brings freedom?


You shouldn’t!


Part of wealth building isn’t just about creating avenues that lead to an incredibly successful, self-sufficient, and extremely prosperous empire of your own, it’s establishing a new and improved lifestyle. It’s taking the things you love and magnifying them under the scope of financial, physical, personal, and spiritual wealth.  


Wealth, at its core, means having abundance. If you’re taking things away from your life, how are you creating abundance?


This doesn’t mean that you should spend your money frivolously, and not cut back where energy, time, money, and effort is wasted. It means you should find what you’re passionate about and if you know what it is, don’t sacrifice it in order to “make money.” Use it. Become an expert in it, and find ways to earn an income doing it.


So instead of sacrificing what you love, give up sacrificing. Embrace abundance. Embrace what you love…


Embrace Wealth.

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