After over 20 years as an entrepreneur expanding my portfolio through real estate and leading other agents to build wealth for themselves, I decided to sit down with my good friend of over a decade and fellow wealth building expert, David Osborn, and share the knowledge and insights we’ve gained over the years with the world.

The title, Wealth Can’t Wait, means there is nothing holding you back from heading down the path towards building wealth. It first starts with a different mindset, then new habits, and finally… better actions.


Here is a sneak peek at some of my favorite excerpts that I hope will inspire you to read it…

“...If you’re willing to learn and unlearn, to choose to be that which you seek, to be wealth, and to do those things that lead to wealth, then nothing will stop you from achieving your goal of building wealth.”

“... So many people set their goals low, because they don’t want to fail and they can’t see the possibility beyond the reaches of their current context. So, they ‘dumb down’ what they want in life to match what they think they can accomplish, rather than what they would really like to have if they saw a path to achieving it.”

…”It’s human nature to hate to be wrong more than we love building wealth. Unfortunately, this dislike for mistakes can cause us to avoid taking the risks necessary to build wealth. Potential investors, fearful of making a mistake can get frozen and find themselves permanently stuck on the sidelines.”

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“... If you don’t have a plan for your life, the first person you meet will give you one. However, if you want ultimate influence over where you go, then create a vision for yourself. If you choose a direction, define your goals, and select a purpose that aligns with your talents and passions. Pretty soon your life will become more fulfilling.”

“Building wealth can happen with ease. First, let’s distinguish ease from easy… The path toward ease is not the path of least resistance — it is a path of varying resistances — but it is the path toward what you want in your life.”


“One of the biggest hurdles to building wealth is the mindset that too much would be required to have what we truly believe we deserve. We set it up in our minds that having massive wealth would require too much sacrifice. The 10X factor is a tool to break through your limiting beliefs…”

“Having a plan for your financial future dramatically increases the likelihood of your financial success. You cannot set a course for a future destination without knowing where you are today. A Life Audit defines your destination so you can plot your course to a financially free future.”

To learn about the Life Audit and read more from the other quotes, read Wealth Can’t Wait, available April 4th! Pre-order now!

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