Think This, Not That!

Before you take the necessary actions to do what you want in life, to create your own venture, and to enjoy freedom that building wealth brings, you must first think differently.

Building wealth starts with changing your perspective. Here are nine ways to fix your thoughts so that you can upgrade your mindset, improve your money, and grow your wealth.


Think Wealth, not Rich

Being rich means you work to make a lot of money or you inherit a lot of money and you spend it. Being wealthy goes deeper than that. You are healthy in your mind, healthy in abundance (in whatever form), and healthy in how you make your money work for you.


Think Abundance, not Lack

Oprah said it pretty succinctly. "Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have... you'll never have enough.” If you put your energy towards the problems and the negativity in life, those things will expand. Put your energy towards positivity and what you want in life. Those, too will expand.


Think Big, not small

If you think small, you’ll receive small. Aim higher. Open yourself up to possibilities you are afraid of trying to achieve. You’ll be surprised how easy opportunities come to you when you make room for them in your life.


Think ease, not easy

Ease and easy are very different. Just because something is hard to do doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to do it. A life of ease is doing the things you want to do, regardless if they’re easy or not. Doing what others or society says you should do is not ease.


Think positive, not negative

Sounds easy and obvious, but even a negative experience can be turned around. Your life is reflected in your thought habits. If you think negative, negative things will continue to happen. Change your thought process when a negative thought comes to your mind, find the positive in any situation in which you find yourself.


Think forward, not hindsight

The phenomenon of hindsight bias gives you the illusion that you’re an expert at something because of its previous outcome. Use your intelligence in your particular industry to make sound decisions on what will happen in the future, not based on what happened before.


Think I have, not I need

If you are constantly needing, it’s signalling to your brain that you are lacking. Then you will operate on a level of not having. Visualize yourself already having the things that you want in your life. Visualize abundance, you’ll attract abundance.


Think how this could help, not how this could hurt

Every situation presents an opportunity. Instead of thinking how it’s hurting you, think about how it could help you, even in the long run. You’ll always learn from your challenging situations, not the easy ones.


Think proactively, not reactively

Emotional reactions can set you down a destructive path. Emotional buying is a good way to deplete wealth. Take time out of your week and reflect on your goals, and what’s important to you. Make a calculated effort to anticipate what’s ahead and evaluate your mindset going forward so those emotional decisions that hinder your wealth building process become a thing of the past.

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