On your journey to building wealth, there is one important factor on which to focus than your net worth: Your self-worth.


You can read books and articles, attend lectures, and become an expert on the actual attainment of money, but building wealth starts from the inside.


Wealth is more than money; money is what happens when you have wealth. Success is what happens when you have wealth. Love, for yourself and others, is what happens when you have wealth. If you build on all of these things, money will come.

Nobody else can tell you what you deserve. Everything that you receive in life is only based on what you think you deserve.


So, what do you actually deserve? Well, no matter who you are: Everything and anything you want. It’s up to you.


Like we talked about before in our previous blogs, you can be the harshest judge of yourself. It’s a crippling thought process that, even subconsciously, draws a negative veil over every other aspect of your life.

Nobody can tell you how much you’re worth financially, physically, spiritually, or emotionally. Only you can, and there is no reason to believe you’re worth nothing less than everything you want in life.


So, set the calculator down and start building wealth from the inside. It’s worth it.


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