How to Hire Right

To run a thriving business, you need to hire the right people in the right positions, under the right conditions.

Growing your business starts with a vision, and a big enough vision to attract talented people who will help it grow exponentially. Once you’ve adjusted your perspective to look out for talent, you’d be surprised how many talented people you come across.

Whether you’re expanding from one person to a few, or a handful to a whole new department, there are a few things to consider to make sure you hire the most talented people out there.

Decide what kind of role you need to fill. What’s your company culture, what do you want it to be?  Who will fit within that culture?

What personality are you looking for? What role do you want them to play? What duties will they have and who will they be responsible for? Having the answer to these questions will help you with your next step, putting it out there...


The Job Description

Your job description shouldn’t be things that people can either lie about or not realize they are lacking in.  Everybody will say or think they are detail-oriented and efficient. Ask for people who have a certain amount of experience, and a tangible amount of education if it’s required. Also list their responsibilities and what will be expected of them. Most importantly, hire someone who is dedicated to their career, not finding a better paycheck or a different window to look out of.


Who are they, really?

Another great way to vete future employees is through social media. Check out their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. How do they represent themselves? This will give you a greater indication into the type of person they are more than the type of person they tell you they are.


Share the Appreciation

You can’t be selfish on the road to building wealth. As an entrepreneur, you want to win. A successful entrepreneur wants to see the people they hire win, also. The fastest way to grow your company is to plan for growing the fortunes of those who work for you. It takes a vision, and planning, but at the end of the day, it means more growth, and ultimately… more wealth.


The Accountability Test

If you’re constantly running into the same  issues with employees, or feel like you’re always firing and rehiring, the problem isn’t the employees, it’s you. Here is where accountability comes into play. Find out what you’re doing or not doing, delegating or not delegating, not appreciating, not leading, or not teaching, and fix it. Get feedback and always look for areas where there can be improvement. Continual learning means continual growing.

It’s a long, but rewarding road on the path to building wealth, and you can’t do it alone. There are people out there who have the talents in areas you lack, who have the drive in areas you don’t. Together, you can build something even more incredible. 

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