The Best Real Estate Technology To Look Out For

Real estate is a competitive world. Out of the hundreds, if not thousands of agents in your area, the task of differentiating yourself as a successful agent gets more and more challenging. You may have the best customer service, the most beautiful homes in your inventory, and an incredible marketing strategy, but with the majority of the population being Millennials, the time for them to purchase a home is almost upon us. With an iphone practically attached to their person at all times, having a one-up on real estate technology will already give you that competitive edge.

Millennials aside, being technologically savvy will also impress any other generation searching for homes. The more convenient and the more efficient your services are, the better.

So, to help you stay ahead of the curve, here’s a list of some new technology changing the real estate game.



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This app is causing a buzz in the industry. An innovative way for lead generation that is both convenient for home buyers, sellers and agents alike. Think of it as Uber for agents, but with much greater returns. It’s currently only available in Houston, but with the app generation in full swing, there’s no reason it shouldn’t expand across the nation. You can also head to their website and request your city here.



Available across all platforms, PalmAgent is a net sheet and closing costs app designed to help you run “quick, easy estimates for your buyers and sellers.” It comes preloaded with each county’s specific title rates, closing costs, lender fees and other taxes.


Matterport VR Capability: 

In  partnership with Google Cardboard, Matterport is staying on top of the technology game with virtual reality capabilities. CEO of Matterport says,  “Top brokerages and realtors are always looking for new ways to differentiate themselves, to win new listings and bring in qualified buyers,”

Not only have they added VR capability, but they’ve also integrated Mattertag. According to their website, “Mattertag Posts let you provide information about features in your Spaces by anchoring text descriptions to specific physical locations. This turns Spaces into a powerful tool for communicating with remote stakeholders, property buyers, prospective lessees, or global audiences.”



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Offrs says, “we predict future listings.” It’s another app geared towards lead generation for agents. Offrs uses an algorithm to predict what homes might be coming on the market soon, then they use various marketing tools to verify. When a homeowner confirms they’re ready to sell, the leads go directly to the agent.


Instagram Stories:

According to, Instagram stories are the wave of the social media future for advertising homes. It’s the new virtual open house only available for 24 hours. It’s an innovative way to create hype to your followers through temporary snippets of a home on the market. Instagram found a way to implement Snapchat -type capabilities into its platform — where most agents are, anyway according to “The likelihood that agents have already implemented Instagram into their real estate marketing strategy is far more likely than that of an agent actively using Snapchat.”



Circleback gives you the opportunity to “have and use contact info in a way that meets the challenges of the modern world.” It’s essentially  a tool to help you consolidate, organize, and keep in touch with your clients. Your database might be a mess of contacts haphazardly entered from business cards and doubly listed. Circleback helps you keep track of your clientele while giving you more time to actually connect instead of clean.




Wrike is a platform designed to streamline efficiency, communication, delegation, and most of all, increase productivity. If you have a company of agents, Wrike will help you manage tasks, big or small. During a home buying or selling process, a lot of paperwork and communication can get lost in the fold, Wrike helps you stay on top of it.


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