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Welcome to my blog at, connecting you to enlightening information about building wealth, creating abundance, and cultivating success.

My education in law, economics and business has led me down a path to becoming an entrepreneur in the real estate industry and beyond. I’m excited to share some wisdom, advice, and inspiration with you on your journey to building wealth.

Here’s what you can expect to read about:

  • Mind & Money #wealthspiration
    I’ll provide refreshing thought processes, new perspectives, and intelligent actions to elevate your mind and escalate your income. You can’t be wealthy in money without having a wealthy mind first.
  • The Real Estate Buzz #InsideRealEstate
    Real Estate is an ever-expanding industry. Be on the front lines of information in the market and in the business. Read about how technology and new innovations are changing the real estate game.
  • Career Coaching #AgentSuccess #WinningAgent
    Do you want to become a winning real estate agent? I’ve traveled all over the nation coaching newcomers and veteran agents alike to capitalize on their talents and create a successful real estate business. Within these blogs, read how you can apply it to your own real estate goals.


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